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    Learn more about Hydrotherapy. In this article, we are expanding your knowledge of extra benefits that can happen with combining hydrotherapy with massage and other bodywork therapies. Included are self-care…

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    What is Reflexology?

    What is reflexology? Reflexology is considered a very safe experience. Clients report having results for headaches, digestive issues, allergies, pain, lymphedema, neuropathy, insomnia, depression, and a host of other concerns.…

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    Integrated Positional Therapy

    Pain does not have to own you. Don't be defined by the constant soreness, intense pain, and continuous stiffness you are experiencing on a daily basis. Take your…

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    Reiki in Real Life

    Reiki has the capability to change lives on a dynamic level. The healing energy of Reiki can alleviate physical challenges and emotional issues. It meets a person where he/she…

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    Deep Massage Modality

    Getting bodywork can always be a wonderful thing, especially when you really need it.  It’s also really good to know about the type of the bodywork that you’re signing up for.…